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Your partner for professional mixdowns, masterings and full custom productions.

Windhaven Bay Studios are two professional recording studios in the skirts of Nashville, Tennessee. Run and owned by GRAMMY-nominated producer Christian Beat Hirt. 
We are the mixing, mastering and production company for worldwide known labels and artists and our work has been filling up clubs and pumping up chests all over the world. We are delivering high quality club and pop music of all kinds for over 20 years and are held responsible for developing and shaping the sound of some of today's biggest international touring DJs and artists.


We fulfill your musical visions, from the pre-production to the final mastering.



Layered pricing available

With a 20 years experience in mixing tracks you can be sure to get the best possible result out of your tracks.
We are handling mixdowns for all kinds of music and sound design.


1 track or stem mastering options available

We do masterings for all major dance labels since 20 years and are held responsible for the mastering and mixdown of some of the biggest club hits throughout the past 20 years.


Full production from scratch to the final master

We produce your tracks to your personal liking in the following genres: House, Deep House, Chillout, Downbeat, Melodic House, Progressive House, Techno, Tech House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, Trap, Hip Hop, Dancepop, Pop, Future House, EDM, IDM, World Music, Electronica, Classical and hybrid Cinematic Music or even full orchestrations for private individuals, bands, DJs, MCs,
cooperate or multi-media.
We are also handling sound design and trailer jobs for any kind of business, film or TV project. Please feel free to get in touch with us for a personal quote on your project.


Get your custom quote:



Up to 10 stems*: 350 US Dollars

From 11 to 20 stems*: 400 US Dollars

From 21 to 35 stems*: 480 US Dollars

From 36 to 50 stems*: 550 US Dollars

More than 50 stems*: 800 US Dollars

*including 1 revision (Extra revisions  & edits: plus 50 US Dollars per round.)

Prices are per track (extended mix and radio version), no mixing for remixes included



1 stem mastering*: 200 US Dollars

2-10 stem mastering*: 280US Dollars

*including 1 revision (Extra revisions & edits: plus 50 US Dollars per round.)

Prices are per track (extended mix and radio version), no mastering for remixes included

If you book a mixdown & mastering job with us, no matter of the amount of the mixdown stems the mastering is only 150 USD.



1 full custom production (instrumental) including radio mix and extended Mi in the genre of Deep House, Melodic House, Progressive House or Tech House:

6'000 US Dollars  including 1 draft demo and 2 final revision rounds

(additional revisions and edits: plus 300 US dollars per round.)


3 full custom productions (instrumental) within a period of 12 months

including radio mix and extended Mi in the genre of Deep House, Melodic House, Progressive House or Tech House:

4'500 US Dollars / production including 1 draft demo and 2 final revision rounds

(additional revisions and edits: plus 300 US dollars per round.)


Since such jobs require a lot of attention and time, please get in touch with us first to ask for availability. For vocals and vocal productions please get in touch with us



Recording Session: 350 US Dollars per Hour

1 Engineer*: 190 US Dollars per Hour

*Prices are not valid for production quotes and do not include writing or composing by the engineer. Bring your songs and bring your musicians.

All prices are excluding sales taxes. Mixing, mastering and custom productions jobs have to be paid in full upfront. 
Delivery time: Mixing and mastering jobs within 10 business days (unless otherwise quoted) // custom productions (instrumental) within 4 business weeks (Unless otherwise quoted) // For all other jobs please refer to your custom quote.
We reserve the right to refuse orders, due to lack of availability, or to extend the delivery time.


We are continuously extending and exchanging our gear and plug-ins collection. Please ask for a current equipment list before your recording session to make sure we have your favorite item plugged-in and installed.



  1. Logic Pro X

  2. Ableton Live 12 Suite

Studio One:

Mac Studio M1 Ultra // 128 GB RAM // Sonoma 14.2

Avocet, Crane Song IIA

Barefoot MicroMain27

Behringer Truth B2031A

Studio Two:

Mac Pro // 2,7 GHz 12-core Intel Xeon E5 // 128 GB RAM // MacOS Sierra 10.12.6

Mackie Big Knob

Behringer Truth B2031A

Frau Arbeiten bei Mixing Console


​Audio-Units (Selection)

  1. 2 x UAD-2 Octo Thunderbolt (incl. Neve Bundle, Precision Bundle, Manley Bundle, Antares Autotune, Teletronix Bundle, Fairchild Bundle and more) 

  2. Soundtoys 5

  3. WAVES, Horizon Bundle & others

  4. Nicky Romero, Kickstart & kickstart 2

  5. Arturia Collection V10

  6. Denise Audio, BassXXL & Bite Harder

  7. Valhalla, Vintage Verb, Plate, Room, Delay

  8. Eventide, H9 Bundle, SplitEQ , NewFangled Audio & Tverb

  9. Gullfoss

  10.  Fabfilter, Complete

  11. Softube, Weiss Complete

  12. Kazrog, Avalon VT747

  13. Plugin Alliance (Almost complete)

  14. Moog - Moogerfooger Bundle

  15. Antares - Avox 4 & EFX+ 10

Virtual Instruments (Selection)

  1. U-He, Diva, Repro, Hive, Zebra

  2. Lennar Digital, Sylenth1 

  3. reFX, Nexus 4

  4. Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Stylus RMX and Trillian

  5. Toontrack, EZ Drummer (With countless Expansions)

  6. UVI, Synth Anthology 2 / Vintage Vault 2

  7. NI Komplete 14, Ultimate, Collector's Edition  (Plus countless professional KONTAKT libraries from 8DIO, Spitfire, CineSamples, Sonokinetic, Strezov Sampling, Orchestra Tools, Fluffy Audio, Vir2, Chris Hein and many others)

  8. Arturia, Collection V10

  9. Reveal Sound, Spire

  10. Sonic Academy, Ana 2 & Kick 2

  11. Korg Bundle

  12. XFer, Serum

  13. Spitfire, BBC Orchestra

  14. Spitfire, Evolutions (Bundle)

Studio Subscribtions (2024)

1. Splice

2. RolandCloud



Studio One: (Selection)

- Apogee Symphony MKII 8x8x8

- Apogee Symphony MKII 16x16 i/o

- Avalon AD2022

- Avalon VT747sp

- Komplete Kontrol S61 MKII

- Yamaha MX88

- Roland MKS50 & DT300 programmer

- E-MU Orbit Dance Planet V2

- E-MU Proteus 2000

- E-MU Mo Phatt

- Avid Eleven, Rack (With Expansion)

- Mindprint DTC

- Mindprint En-Voice

- Empirical Lab, Distressor, EL8 (x2)

- Drawmer 1960, Vacuum Tube Compressor & Pre-Amp (x2)

- SSL G-Series Stereo Buss Compressor

- Focusrite Octo Pre MKII

- DBX 160A (x2)

- Dave Smith, OB-6

- Roland Juno 106 (Custom Version)

- Sequential, Prophet 10 (Re-Issue 2020)

- Korg, MicroKorg

- Studio Electronics SE-1

- MOTU Midi Timepiece, AV USB (x2)

- YAMAHA Custom Birch DrumKit (4 rack toms & 2 floor toms, 22" Kickdrum, 14"x5.5" Snare)

- Zildjian Cymbals (14" HiHats, 16", 18", 20" Crashes)

- Sabian 10" AAX Aero Splash

- Sabian 14" Splash

- Ludwig Black Magic Snare 14"x8"

- Ludwig Octaplus Custom Snare, 14"x10"

- Pearl Maple Snare 14"x5.5"

- LP Black Beauty Cowbell

- Several Roland Boutique Elements (Ask for the list with current available elements on-site)

Studio Two:

- Apogee Quartet

- Mackie Big Knob

- Avalon VT737sp

- DBX Graphic Equalizer 1231

- Samson S.COM PLUS

- Radial JDI, Stereo DI-Box (x2)

- Roland RD2000 88 Keys

Acoustic Piano Recording Station:

- Apogee Quartet

- Avalon AD2022 (x2)

- DBX 160A (x2)

- ART Digital MPA II

- BOSTON Baby Grand Piano



- Neumann U87 AI

- AKG C12vr

- AKG C414 XLII (Matched Pair)

- Royer R-121

- Lewitt LCT550 (Matched Pair)

- AKG C451-B (Matched Pair)

- AKG D112 MK II

- Shure SM57 (x3)

- Shure SM58

- Sennheiser MD421 MKII (x3)

- Rode NT1A

- Blue Bluebird SL Large Diaphragm Condenser

- Audio Sterling ST69

+ Assortment of vintage Mics from AKG, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamik and Telefunken


Where magic happens

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